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Matrasik with electroheating of MPM for newborns
  • Matrasik with electroheating of MPM for newborns

Matrasik with electroheating of MPM for newborns

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Matrasik with electroheating is intended for:

  1. - uses in life for children till 1 year;
  2. - nursing of children during the postoperative period;
  3. - can be applied to equipment of cribs or swaddling little tables;

Matrasik with electroheating has the heater on the basis of an uglenita sheathed by dense fabric, and placed in a polyethylene cover. The heater is connected nerazjemno to the control unit in the metal body. On an upper cover of the body the bracket for fastening to an arch of a bed or to a little table is located. In the center of the heater temperature sensor is located. The control unit analyzes a signal from the sensor of temperature and manages the heater. There is an independent channel of shutdown of heating when exceeding the maximum temperature with the sound and light alarm system. Are simple and convenient to Matrasiki in operation. The guarantee for 12 months is provided.

Overall dimensions:

MPM - A (for cribs) 600 x 350 x 8 (mm)

MPM - B (for swaddling little tables) 650 x 450 x 8 (mm)

Technical characteristics

Power supply voltage of the control unit B ~ 220 ± 10%

Frequency of electric current of Hz 50 ± 1

Power supply voltage of the heater B ~ 24

Power of a heating element of W 50

Temperature of a surface of °C 30 ÷ 37

Accuracy of maintenance of temperature of °C 0, 5

Alarm system (and shutdown

heating) at a temperature of a surface of °C 38 + 0, 5

Information is up-to-date: 30.10.2020
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